Premiere: Nat Freedberg “Ain’t Nothin’ Sacred No More”

Boston-based singer/songwriter, Nat Freedberg is preparing to release Record Number Three on February 14th. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere his new single, “Ain’t Nothin’ Sacred No More.”

Freedberg is a former member of aristocratic fop band, The Upper Crust but his solo work differs from their AC/DC-inspired sound. “Ain’t Nothin’ Sacred No More” is a catchy track that recalls 1950s rock mixed with blues and boogie woogie. With a memorable instrumental hook, Freedberg explains how he got the guitar’s signature sound: “I cut three strings off a guitar and retuned it as a drone instrument that ended up sounding like a cross between a sitar and a didgeridoo.” Tie in the song’s darkly humorous lyrics and the song feels like a classic before the album is even released!

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