Necro: DIE!

Necro: DIE!
Horrorcore has long been the black sheep cousin of hip hop. While nearly all forms of hip hop have become mainstream, the mainstream has never embraced horrorcore. Even horrorcore mainstays like Three 6 Mafia did not achieve any type of success until they abandoned the genre. Over the past two decades, very few horrorcore artists have had long term careers without compromising their music. One of those artists is Necro. On his sixth studio album, DIE!, Necro seeks to do an entire album on his own. The album features no collaborations and all beats were made by Necro.
Necro’s strength has always been his production. As a producer Necro has made beats for artists like Cage, Ill Bill, Insane Clown Posse, Non Phixion, and Raekwon. The album’s first single “asBESTos” is a perfect example of this. Necro uses a snaky piano loop and a simple snare, hi-hat, and bass drum combo. The beat is the kind of raw hip-hop sound that Wu-Tang Clan based their careers on. But Wu-Tang and Necro are two different beasts. For anyone with any type of moral compass might find Necro’s lyrics cringe worthy. The track features lyrics like “Execute you bitch/shoot you in the tit/it’s the hoochie coochie man kicking brutal shit/Recruit the sick/got two pits playing Saluchi with your dick”.
While the lyrics might get too hardcore for the casual hip hop fan, Necro’s production is so on point that the lyrics can often be overlooked. The first six songs on the album feature some of the best production of Necro’s career. Unfortunately as the album wears on, the production gets less and less impressive. DIE!, also, suffers from being too long. The album could have easily been a very good 11 song album, instead it ends up being a mediocre 17 song album.
Rating: 5.0/10
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