New: Ace of Base “Cruel Summer (Ryan Evans Born in 83′ Remix)”

It’s not everyday (or any day) that I get sent an Ace of Base remix but that is exactly what Ryan Evans has sent me. His Born in 83′ remix of the Ace of Base classic “Cruel Summer” is a perfect nostalgic trip. Because who born in the early 80s didn’t own The Bridge? I know I did. Enjoy!
MP3: Ace of Base “Cruel Summer (Ryan Evans Born in 83′ Remix)”


  • Joe Vor-Tech says:

    This is a 97 cover of the original 80s song by Bananarama, Ace of Base did not originally write this song.

    And the Bridge was released in 1995, pretty far from the 80s.

  • Amy says:

    Way to go, Mr. Know It All. Want a cookie? I’m pretty sure he was saying almost everyone who was born in the early 80’s had the album when it came out, specifically pointing out the 11 – 15 year old kids, and he’s correct. What baby goes out and buys an album? Maybe you shouldn’t always read things so literally, or just quit acting like you know everything.

  • Joel says:

    I was sitting with Ryan, having a cup of coffee when he read Joe’s response. My first reaction was anger. Ryan on the other hand, smiled. He thought it was cool that someone had some knowledge, some history.
    Ryan’s actual meaning for the song ’83 reference is vague at best and wouldn’t make since unless you know Ryan.
    He was born in ’83, the same year the Bananarama version was released. But it was the Ace of Base version that he was exposed to as a teen hence the remix of that version. So, Amy and Joe, you are right!

  • aurélien says:

    thanks to joel, this cruel summer ends with love…

  • Joe Vor-Tech says:

    I concede to your point Joel and appreciate your response. You’ll have to pardon me, perhaps I’m getting a bit miffed with blog-culture these days. Especially as I’m an unabashedly avowed fan of classic 90’s euro-dance and fear the “blog culture” is going to compromise people’s understanding of it in much the way I feel it has to other genres of music.


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