New: Dr. Dre featuring Eminem “I Need a Doctor”

For the second time this year, we are being told there is an official single from Dr. Dre‘s Detox. Last time, it was “Under Pressure” featuring Jay-Z; according to Dr. Dre that song will no longer be included on Detox. I do not know how much hope that provides for “I Need a Doctor” but the track is way better than “Under Pressure”. The track has a little more rap/rock feel to and it has Dr. Dre spitting some serious venom. Unfortunately Dr. Dre does not appear to be the focal point of the song; Eminem takes the cake spitting the first two verses himself. Of course, the track is pretty much Eminem confessing his love for Dr. Dre and Dre giving it right back. I guess that’s why I find it so amusing Dr. Dre has the audacity to use the word “faggot” and not be talking about himself. Check it out.
MP3: Dr. Dre featuring Eminem “I Need a Doctor”

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