New: Phenom “Knobbers Droppin’ Technology (PHNM EDIT)”

Riding the recent wave of mash-ups I’ve been receiving is Phenom. “Knobbers Droppin’ Technology” is the type of dance/hip hop mash-up that seems to be most popular right now. The track is really well done, perfect for you mash-up fiends. Enjoy!
MP3: Phenom “Knobbers Droppin’ Technology (PHNM EDIT)”


  • Jess says:

    This isn’t a terrible mashup but nothing special. This would have been pretty big about 3 years ago.

  • Sarah says:

    Sweet track! :D

  • clock says:

    why is there always someone hating?…. just enjoy the track…. amazing edit homie…keep up the good work… ill def be playing this man

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