New: Seb remixes Burns’ “First Move (Fred Falke Remix)”

London vocalist Seb sent me a name-dropping email explaining how he ended up vocalizing Burns‘s instrumental track “First Move” as remixed by Fred Falke. Seb explains of the track: “I wrote it after a chance meeting with Burns over the summer…bizarrely Calvin Harris introduced us one night in a London club! Burns is a great guy, we got e-mailing and this is the result.” Despite the names hitting me left and right, the track is pretty great. Check it out!
MP3: Burns featur Seb “First Move (Fred Falke Remix)”

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  • Seb says:

    Yo, wasn’t meant to be name-dropping…wanted to give you a back story!

    New artist’s gotta get a break somehow :-)

    Ta for the post

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