New: Skrillex featuring Krewella “Breathe (Vocal Edit)”

skrillex, krewella, breatheI got included on a really weird email chain that supposedly started with an MIT student hacking OWSLA‘s website and getting an MP3 of a vocal edit of Skrillex‘ “Breathe.” The email chain then goes to some Hofstra students that ask each other questions like “why isn’t this on blogs yet?” and “who is the girl on the track?” The reason this all seems a little contrived is that the MP3 is labelled “Breathe featuring Krewella (Vocal Edit).” One would think kids that could get into MIT and Hofstra could read enough to figure out that the girl on the track is the vocalist from Krewella. Maybe I am over estimating them or maybe this is just an advanced promotion technique to make bloggers think they are getting something super exclusive. Either way, the track sounds pretty good. Check it out.
MP3: Skrillex featuring Krewella “Breathe (Vocal Edit)”

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  • Matt says:

    We know the vocalist is from Krewella, but could they be asking which sister is the vocalist, Yasmine or Jahan?

    I’d love to know myself.

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