Oddnesse “Donut Shop”

Looking at Oddnesse, you wouldn’t think she spends a lot of time at the donut shop but according to her new single “when the sun comes up” she’ll “be next in line at the donut shop.” Being from Los Angeles, I wondered what donut shop she could mean? Maybe Donut Friend in Highland Park which I maintain are the best vegan donuts I’ve ever tasted? Maybe she’s willing to drive to Glendora to stand in line for The Donut Man which you need to do if its strawberry season? Or maybe she’s into the Instagram-able Birdies’ Donuts in South Park? Regardless which of Los Angeles’ fine donut establishments Oddnesse is into, “Donut Shop” is nice encapsulation of the city. You can hear elements of 90s LA bands like That Dog as well as more artists like Sky Ferreira.

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