Premiere: On High “Tragic City”

Brooklyn quintet, On High, are preparing to release a new EP Never Die this April on Rufftone Records. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere their new single “Tragic City.” For those who have not read up on On High, the track may be surprising. It starts with a jazzy instrumental that sounds like it could come from Common‘s Be. When the vocals kick in, they are definitely not Common. It is the voice of Kareem Bunton who you may know from his role as Bo Diddley on HBO’s Vinyl. His booming voice sounds almost professorial; his lyrics poetic and painterly. Just as you get used to his voice, Konstance Patton is added to the mix. Her Roberta Flack-like power gives the track a soulful female voice doubling Bunton’s. “Tragic City” is a unique combination of spoken word, jazz, soul, and rock, making On High a band impossible pigeonhole.

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