Paragon Cause “Play Me”

Ottawa-based duo, Paragon Cause are preparing to release their new LP, Autopilot on August 13th. The latest single from the album is “Play Me.” Lead singer, Michelle Opthof’s clean and catchy vocals are juxtaposed by a wall of fuzzed out guitars courtesy of Sune Rose Wagner of The Raveonettes. Opthof describes the song as “making a pretty strong statement about the way people treat one another and how they act and talk on social media.” She continues “it’s almost like a tease to all the haters in your life who take advantage of you, but you know that’s what they’re doing so there’s that sarcasm in saying, ‘I will let you play me over and over again.’ I am wise to you now. I know this game. I know how to play it and how to make it work for me.”

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