Premiere: Pleasure Craft “Work It Out”

Toronto-based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer, Pleasure Craft is preparing to release, EP2 later this year. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere his new single, “Work It Out.”

Beginning with a whirring noise and sinister synth bass, it is easy to be fooled that “Work It Out”will be some 90s industrial track. By the time the chorus hits, “Work It Out” is a full on pop song sounding somewhere LCD Soundsystem and Gary Numan.

Sam Lewis, the man behind the moniker said of the track “When I finished the demo, I felt alright about the song. It had some cool sounds and the vocal was fun to perform, but I assumed I would get tired of it and let it hang out on my harddrive forever. I sent it to my friend Mingjia – an absolutely incredible composer and vocalist – as an afterthought, but she liked it! One hour later, she sent me all 15 of her vocal stems. Mingjia’s arrangement added so much energy and life to ‘Work It Out’…it was pretty obvious that it had to be my latest single.”

It seems pretty obvious to us too that “Work It Out” has all the qualities of a pop hit.

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