Premiere: Alan Bonner “Look At Me”

alan bonner, look at me, baladeerLondon-based singer/songwriter, Alan Bonner is preparing to release his new album, /Balladeer/ in March. Mr. Bonner was kind enough to let Surviving the Golden Age premiere one of the album’s tracks called “Look At Me.” Bonner said of the track “I like a drink. In fact that’s a lie. I fucking love a drink. The problem is that sometimes it makes me behave like a prize arse hole. This one was written the morning after a heavy one when I was full of fear and loathing. I’ve definitely had periods in the past where my partying had gotten out of hand and I was going down a bad road. Thankfully that is not longer the case. People can often be judgmental when it’s not them that’s fucking up, without being sensitive to the profound unhappiness that often underlies substance abuse. And that’s what the song is talking about. If your friend or your lover is partying too hard and behaving like a tool, don’t walk away from them if you can help it. Happy people don’t behave like that and chances are they need you now more than ever.”
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