Premiere: Fuji Kureta “Sorcery” Music Video

Sorcery from fuji kureta on Vimeo.

The new video from Fuji Kureta opens with a scenic view of a harbor in Istanbul with lead singer, Deniz Öztürk sitting on a dock. The image seems serene but is directly contrasted with the distorted drum n bass beat of “Sourcery.” Soon some jarring cuts advance Öztürk from the docks to the streets. She walks past a myriad of graffitied buildings, coffee shops, and people on their cell phones. In between these scenes, video of Öztürk lip syncing the track in front of various buildings. After giving the viewer an extended tour of Istanbul, she finally heads home, grabs a book, and lays on a sofa with her adorable dog.

The track comes from the duo’s most recent EP, Andrey which is out now.

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