Premiere: Jenner Fox and Jeremy Elliott “Sideways”

Acoustic duo, Jenner Fox and Jeremy Elliott are releasing their full-length album, The Moon That Moves The Sea on February 23rd. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the first single from the record, “Sideways.”

Filled with elegant acoustic guitars and yearning lyrics, Jenner Fox said “‘Sideways’ builds and builds until we’re up there in the attic with the narrator, unwrapping an old spider man costume, ready to call up our high school crushes and confess what you never could.”

The song is unique in the duo’s catalogue because of the male/female harmonies. Fox explains “Jeremy and I set out to make this duo record only using the sounds that the two of us could make live in a room. That was before I got to hear Steph sing Stevie Nicks‘ ‘Rhiannon’ at a party, and the next day I asked Jeremy if we could make an exception for Steph singing on ‘Sideways.'”

That exception helps make “Sideways” a beautiful four-minutes of magic.

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