Premiere: Michael McQuaid “Sleepwalking” music video

Nashville singer/songwriter, Michael McQuaid is preparing to release his new EP, Heart and Soul on August 26th. The album’s lead single is “Sleepwalking.” We, at Surviving the Golden Age, are pleased to premiere the track’s music video.

Directed by Dan Martinie, the video follows a man who gets home from work and immediately starts drinking. Before too long, he’s finished an entire bottled and has passed out on the couch. By the time the track’s second verse has started, we are following his dreams as he plays out exactly why he’s been drinking–it’s because of a girl. The dream plays out some of the highlights and lowlights of their relationship and by the track’s final chorus, the man has woken up and is ready to leap into action. Does the story have a happy ending? It’s not clear. What is clear is that this man’s alcohol tolerance is incredible. He passed out with an empty bottle in his hand and he is still able to pop up off the couch with no sign of a hangover. Godspeed sir!

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