Premiere: Quelu “Carré”

French/Japanese record label, Kitsuné are preparing to release the 2019 edition of their Kitsuné Parisien compilation. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the third single from the album, Quelu‘s “Carré.”

Quelu is relative newcomer to the game but finds himself on the illustrious Kitsuné Parisien. Over the synth-soaked beat, Quelu switches between rapping and crooning in an almost lullabye-esque fashion. Lyrically, Quelu says the song is “about self-esteem. The main message would be realizing that self-esteem comes first with inner development, and not physical: muscles without a mind are not very useful. It’s a modern ode to the inner-self-improvement.” Even if you do not parle français, it’s easy to see Quelu is a star on the rise.

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