Premiere: Richard Judge “Back To You (Fabich’s Endless Summer Remix)”

Back on September 28th, Richard Judge released his single “Back to You.” The track mixed live guitar verses with arena-sized electronic chorus and a chopped up after-chorus. The song was a nice end of summer jam but as fall is setting in, “Back to You” needs to bring the warmth. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere Fabich‘s Endless Summer Remix of the song.

Richard Judge said “Fabich is killing it right now and I’m really happy to have him on board for the remix.” Starting with a bassless house beat and synth pad hits, the remix does not utilize most of the originals vocals. Instead it uses backing vocals on the track to create a choral effect, almost like something from Paul Simon‘s Graceland. Combined with the thumping beat, Fabich turns the pop song into a euphoric dance track.

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