Premiere: Scartoon: The American Psycho

Las Vegas-based producer Scartoon is releasing his debut album, The American Psycho today. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to bring you an exclusive stream of the album.

From the very beginning Scartoon sets the mood. Opening track, “Likely” features vocals from Denisse Borquez and sounds like it could have been on the 50 Shades Darker soundtrack. It is a sexy, dark R&B track reminiscent of Flume. Other tracks lean more towards the hip hop side, like “Ain’t Me” which features Jae Douglass. The real outlier on the album is “Fangs”. The track mostly is an electronic voice singing which could be an acapella from any number of Daft Punk songs. It’s not until two-and-a-half minutes in that it suddenly turns into a rap track with T.Rabb spitting a great verse.

All through the album, Scartoon maintains a dark vibe but experiments with genres and styles. He proves himself to be an adept and versatile producer.

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