School of Seven Bells: Ghostory

School of Seven Bells, GhostorySchool of Seven Bells: Ghostory
If dreams had a soundtrack, what would it be? School of Seven BellsGhostory comes about as close to anything as I could imagine. The album represents a collection of styles, all of which combine for an extravagant ride. It is this variety of styles and sounds which make the New York City duo’s third effort such a strong showing.
The record opens with “The Night,” which shines through its use of strong riffs, intense melodies, and a shining vocal performance. The 1980’s New Wave influence of the song simply cannot be overlooked, as it adds to the songs clout. What follows the album’s opening track is a collection of songs accompanied by thumping bass, fast-paced dance beats, and rock-infused riffs. While the album tends to drag on a bit in the middle, even the less-impressive tracks are high-quality. The aptly-named “Low Times” serves as a transition to the albums all too impressive second half. Even “Low Times,” perhaps the album’s weakest effort is dominated by intensely sensual vocals and an infectious beat.
The record’s second half should be noted for its subtle power and killer synth hooks. While the track “Reappear” significantly slows the pace of the album, its dark and mesmerizing nature make it worth an attentive listen. But the driving and brooding beats soon return as “Scavenger” is delivered with biting lyrics and an up-tempo beat. The album’s final track “When You Sing” can be seen as a microcosm of the entire album, as it begins with a relaxing build-up and transitions through an intense build-up, finally hitting the perfect stride with a combination of smooth bear and vocals.
What is lost in the album is its powerful lyrics which often take a back-seat to the powerful backbeats and pounding percussion; but rest assured, the lyrics are ever-present and extremely poignant when recognized. The effort by School of Seven Bells is one worthy of attention. If this is the future of pop music, count me among the many already on board.
Rating: 8.1/10
MP3: School of Seven Bells “The Night”
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  • askinnerbean says:

    BRAVO, ZACK!!!! Your first publication! I’m being super embarrassing right now, but I’m so proud of you! Ghostory is a great album and I totally described “The Night” to a friend as new age-y and 80s last week! Great minds! xoxoxoxo!

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