Semi Precious Weapons: You Love You

Semi Precious Weapons: You Love You
There is a thin line between awesome and annoying when it comes to cockiness. Mick Jagger, awesome. Kanye West, annoying. Semi Precious Weapons walk this thin line on their sophomore album, You Love You.
Let it not be said that Semi Precious Weapons’ singer Justin Tranter has a self-image problem. From everything he sings on You Love You, it seems he has quite a high opinion of himself. On the album’s opening track “Semi Precious Weapons”, he sings “I can’t pay my rent but I’m fucking gorgeous/tell me something I don’t know”. On “Rock N’ Roll Never Looked So Beautiful”, he sings “Sometimes I cry/because it makes my eyes look bluer/sometimes I bleed/because red is a good color for me”. While this type of pomp might be overkill, it somehow works for the Weapons.
Their music mixes dance and rock successfully similar to Head Automatica‘s debut album, Decadence. The group obviously has a splash of glam that you can only gain by touring for a year with Lady Gaga. But the most important aspect of their music is that it is catchy as hell. With the exception of the power ballad “Leave Your Pretty To Me” which falls a little flat, almost every song on the album is a winner.
You have to hand it to Semi Precious Weapons, You Love You delivers some of the best braggadocio I have heard this year and somehow manages to not be annoying. Their album might not make history, but their songs surely should make some party mixtapes.
Rating: 8.1/10
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