New: Settipalli Productions “Mr. Taxi (Low) (Girls’ Generation // Steve Aoki // Flo Rida // T-Pain)”

British producer, Settipalli Productions just dropped his latest track, a mashup of Steve Aoki‘s remix of Girls’ Generation’s “Mr. Taxi” and Flo-Rida‘s “Low.” Settipalli said of the track: “I thought Steve Aoki’s remix of Mr. Taxi was absolutely amazing. When I played it though, as soon as the first saw wave lead came in during the first breakdown, I recognised the melody – it reminded me of the melody progression in Low by Flo Rida, so I put them together and sure enough they were almost exactly the same, even the bit in ‘Low’ when the lyrics are just ‘mmm x 6’, it coincides with when the girls say something similiar in Mr. Taxi.”
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