Sheer Mag “Blood From a Stone”

Following the success of their 2017 debut album, Need To Feel Your Love, Sheer Mag are back. Their sophomore album, A Distant Call is slated for release on August 23rd. The album’s lead single is “Blood From a Stone.”

With driving drums and big guitar riffs, “Blood From a Stone” fits right in with 70s hard rock sounds of their debut. The lyrics of the song are a bit more personal. Coming straight from parts of lead singer, Tina Halladay’s real life, the song talks about being down on her luck and not able to afford food but still not getting any sympathy for her situation. The question is sympathy from whom? Part of it seems like it could be a parental figure or it could be from society as a whole, many of the member look as poverty as a self-inflicted wound rather than a societal affliction.

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