Shunda K: Here I Am to Save the World (Maxi-Single)

Shunda K: Here I Am to Save the World EP
Shunda K came to hip hop prominence as a member of Domino RecordsYo Majesty. Last year Shunda left Domino because, as she put it, “Domino didn’t move quickly enough for me!” “Here I Am to Save the World” is her first official solo release.
The maxi single for “Here I Am to Save the World” contains remixes by Illinois’ Scripts ‘N Screwz, Brooklyn’s Nite Club, and Milwaukee’s The New Loud as well as the album version, radio edit, instrumental, and a capella. The original track features Cindy Wonderful from Berlin-based electroclash group, Scream Club. The track is a mash-up of hip hop and electro but I must admit that the original is not nearly the most compelling version.
The Nite Club remix is probably my favorite of the remixes. The intense drum production makes the track into an electro clusterfuck. In addition, the drums really make Shunda’s rapping sound much more intense than the original production. Although nothing any remix does makes the singing bridge sound any better, the part simply does not sound like it goes with the rest of the song.
Overall, maxi-singles’ strengths are generally based on the strength of the original song. “Here I Am to Save the World” is kind of a mediocre track. In this case, some of the remixes are actually better than the original.
Rating: 6.2/10
MP3: Shunda K “Here I Am To Save The World (Nite Club Remix)”
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  • James10 says:

    big fan of Yo Majesty – Shunda K owned it and she is killing it solo! big ups

    can’t wait for the next single…I heard its a Yo Majesty reunion track!!!!! :razz: :razz:

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