Premiere: SideTalker: Alchemy

Seattle, WA / Denver, CO duo SideTalker are preparing to release their debut EP, Alchemy on October 20th. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the full album stream.

For the album, Eddie Terranova and William Jones enlisted the help of session musicians Matt Chamberlain who has served as Soundgarden‘s and Bob Dylan‘s drummers and Aaron Sterling who is most known for his work with John Mayer. As Terranova explains it, “we sent them the songs without any pre-programmed drums or percussion. We wanted them to breathe life that only comes from what drummers work their entire lives on…feel.”

They sought out major Seattle producer Andy Park who has produced for Death Cab for Cutie, Macklemore and others.

You can hear the influence of band’s like Death Cab for Cutie on Alchemy. Like a lot of Death Cab’s recent work, there is a mix of electronic and traditional rock instruments. Lead single and opening track “The Healing Kind” features both live and electronic drums along with layers of lush synths. Follow up single and album closer “Late Night” is a bit more of a dance song with live four-on-the-floor drums laying the foundation for the track.

Terranova said “for this record, we wanted to find the place where live performance and synthetics meet. While not limiting ourselves to one genre, but instead living in the space between.”

That comes through in the diverse but always beautiful tracks on Alchemy. It makes for one heck of a debut.

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