Premiere: Sidney Lindner and the Silver Wilderness Collective “Sweet Brother” Official Music Video

Sidney Lindner and the Silver Wilderness Collective are preparing to release their new album, Summer Ghosts / Nightfalls on September 13th. Surviving the Golden Age is exciting to premiere the music video for the single “Sweet Brother.”

“This song was written with my brother Cayce” said Lindner. “He died in 2007. The song has some of what it felt like to stay up nights and talk about everything and the way we felt like it was us against everyone. He was an amazing man with a unique vision and I miss him a ton.”

That sorrow is felt in the music video for “Sweet Brother.” With a crackling home movie quality to it, the video serves as a dark backdrop for the slow-motion chamber pop song. Lindner explains “the video is made from footage that he shot. Michael was Cayce’s actual first name – but he was almost not named Michael. He was going to be called Adam. The video is about that. The idea that there is this phantom ‘Adam’ version of him out there running alongside in a parallel universe. A beautiful idea from a beautiful guy.”

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