Soccer Mommy: Clean

“Studio debut” is becoming a more frequently used term year-by-year in the music world. Great artists are more frequently being found in basements, creating their lo-fi music with their limited resources. Soccer Mommy’s Sophie Allison is the latest to join the ranks of basement musicians turned indie starlings with her release of Clean.

Clean doesn’t rush to impress. The opening track, “Still Clean”, deliberately evades the guitar pop sound that Soccer Mommy does so well. Instead, the song focuses on Allison’s voice and guitar, with occasional miscellaneous sounds deep in the mix; sounds that might make you take off your headphones to make sure nothing’s happening around you.

But those that put on Clean for Soccer Mommy’s signature catchy sound don’t have to wait too long to be appeased. “Cool” and “Your Dog” are the second and third tracks on Clean. The former finds the narrator envious of someone she detests. “Your Dog” Allison sings about being in a relationship where she feels more like a prop instead of a partner. Her partner is more interested in being in a relationship than he is being in a relationship with her.

“Scorpio Rising” is the longest track on Clean at 4:43. It’s also the best demonstration of how Soccer Mommy is benefiting from higher production quality. Clean’s interlude was saved for the second to last song. It’s loosely structured around an arpeggio and filled out with brief crescendos from various instruments.

When an artist has had success making music outside of a studio, there are high expectations when they finally get the opportunity to record in a professional studio. Soccer Mommy’s Clean delivers on those high expectations and is the start of what should be a great career.

Rating: 8.2/10

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