SonikCuts featuring Termanology “Superstar”

Brazilian DJ/producer, SonikCuts is preparing to release his new album, Power Moves. The second single from the album is “Superstar.” Featuring the rapping talents of Termanology, the chorus features an interpolation of the Geto Boys’ “Mind Playing Tricks on Me” with the rapping spitting “I make big money/I drive big cars/everybody know me/I’m a ghetto superstar.” When not channeling his inner Willie D, Termanology creates bragadocious lines that still include a good amount of wordplay. With lines like “I’ll shoot you in the funnybone/now we’ll see who’s laughing” and “all my blunts look like Captain Crunch/blueberries, cherry, lemonade, and fruit punch,” it’s easy to Termanology both skilled and charming.

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