Spints “Modern Job”

Dublin quartet, Spints are preparing to release their Modern Job EP on March 11th, 2022. The latest single from the EP is the titular track. Distorted guitar and driving drums serve as the backdrop to singer Karla Chubb’s sardonic, sneering vocals. She roars “I wish I was bolder, I wish I was brave, I wish I didn’t count the days by the things I didn’t say” through gritted teeth. Chubb offered this insight “In your formative years, you are bombarded with media, books, news that depict what a “normal” life should be. Grow up, fall in love, get married… long live the nuclear family. By contrast when you grow up queer all these ordinary things can seem extraordinary, out of reach and in some parts of the world, illegal. It leaves you feeling lost, excluded and confused. I wanted ‘Modern Job’ to capture those feelings; chaotic energy, loneliness and longing of normality while trying to find acceptance within yourself.”

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