Premiere: Suniel Fox featuring Amanda Oda “Catch Me”

Los Angeles-based producer and former Epikker member, Suniel Fox is preparing to release his debut EP, Everwide on September 20th. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the first single from the album, “Catch Me.”

The track sees world’s collide. Mixing elements of ambient post rock, modern classical and glitch beats, “Catch Me” almost feels like to goes through symphonic movements. While most of the track is instrumental, singer Amanda Oda contributes vocals that are both used ambiently and chopped up for post chorus work. Really the most clear vocal moment is before a drop where she clearly says “Catch Me.”

Fox explains, “This song was written after almost being killed in a home invasion. It was an acknowledgement that I needed someone to catch me from falling.” It is nice that something positive and beautiful came out of such a scary situation.

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