New: TeeTs “Capture My Attention (Morgan Page // Madeon // Paramore // Lights // Chromeo)”

TeeTs just sent me his latest mashup, “Capture My Attention.” The title feels a little ironic to me since very few mashups have been capturing my attention lately. The mashup honestly does not sound that different to me, but TeeTs wrote a pretty compelling explanation of his track: “It starts off with a small clip from ‘In The Air’ by Morgan Page, and utilizes a small sample from Zedd’s ‘Spectrum’ acapella. This section transitions into 16 bars of Paramore’s “Crushcrushcrush,” which is a great vocal a lot of people haven’t taken advantage of. This is followed by Lights singing ‘Oh, you capture my attention’ over the epic three chord hits by Madeon. The next 8 bars that lead into the drop is the main hook from Rihanna’s ‘Where Have You Been,’ which blends seamlessly with the chord hits as well. Chromeo begins the drop section with the mesmerizing vocals from ‘Night By Night.’ These lyrics play off the previous ones saying, we’ll take things night by night alright? Lights comes back and to close out the drop and transition into the breakdown. A subtle usage of Zedd’s Spectrum is calming here, followed up by the building, energetic vocals of Paramore yet again. The song ends on a high and leaves the listener happy at the end.” Although the explanation is a bit self-indulgent, it does focus the listeners attention a little more on the subtleties that go into making a mashup.
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