Premiere: Terry Ohms “We Love You”

Birmingham, Alabama native Wes McDonald is perhaps best known for owning and operating the label, Cornelius Chapel Records or for his work with Vulture Whale. His alter-ego, Terry Ohms, is preparing to release a new album, Terryfirma on January 18th. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the album’s lead single, “We Love You.”

If you are speaking of label heads with a disco side project, it is hard not to compare “We Love You” with Calvin Johnson‘s Selector Dub Narcotic. Both have an irreverent feel while still being serious about the dance grooves. While Ohms doesn’t have the same baritone, he might have even more passion. As he repeats “who loves you baby?” towards the end of the song, you can almost imagine Ohms crawling on all fours towards you, shirtless and sweating. If you were wondering, the answer is “Terry loves you.”

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