The Dashing Suns: Really Like You

The Dashing Suns: Really Like You
Bay Area band The Dashing Suns recently released their debut. Titled Really Like You the album introduces the band’s brand of pop rock.
The band is promoted as “sunburnt garage pop” but that describes maybe half the album or less. The album’s lead single, “Sally Moore” might be considered “sunburnt garage pop”. The track has tinges of “I Want to Hold Your Hand”-era The Beatles but with more fuzz bass. But as the album wears on the “garage” part of the descriptor seems to disappear.
The album’s 11th song, “Do It” starts off with a Creedence Clearwater Revival-esque guitar lick but degrades into lazy arpeggios. While I understand this continues with the beach theme, it is less “sunburnt garage pop” and more beach bum rock.
The lazy, hazy songs that populate the second half of the album are far less interesting to me than the more energetic tunes like “Sally Moore”. While I like these songs fine, they are not nearly as good as the opening tracks. Unfortunately that adds up to a just above mediocre debut in my opinion.
Rating: 7.0/10
MP3: The Dashing Suns “Sally Moore”
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