The Original/The Remix: Cherie Lily “Werk”

Cherie Lily is probably best known as Andrew W.K.‘s wife but she is much more than just that. According to her website, Lily is a musician, fitness professional, celebrity trainer, and more! Since 2006, Cherie has been focusing her music skills on a genre she created called HOUSEROBICS, which fuses fitness lifestyle with her self-produced dance music. Her latest houserobics single is “Werk”. The track is a super dance freakout that reminds me of something I would hear in spin class (not that I take spin classes…) “Werk” The Remix EP features remixes by several big name artists like DJ Nita, Good Goose, LAZAbeam, and Sickboy among others. The remix we are featuring is a co-remix between New York DJ/emcee Princess Superstar and none other than Cherie Lily’s hubby, Andrew W.K. The remix takes the track and parties it up, making it even more dancy and techno-y. Check it out.
The Original: Cherie Lily “Werk”
The Remix: Cherie Lily “Werk (Princess Superstar & Andrew W.K. Remix)”

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