The White White Lights: Medium Head Boy EP

mediumheadboyThe White White Lights: Medium Head Boy EP
Indierect Records bring the debut EP Medium Head Boy for our consumption. The EP is the first release for Austin, Texas band The White White lights. The experimental rock band have been known to drop the hammer on live shows. One listen the Medium Head Boy and its easy to understand how.
Their music is fun and energetic. Particularly on the track “Heresy” the band resembles The Von Bondies save for female vocalist Jenny Gracy. Naturally she’s a woman, but she does sort of sound like a female version of Jason Stollsteimer. The guitars and heavy drums are a dead ringer for the Von Bondies, and the laid back feel surely leaves audiences swaying back and forth.
“It’s Cold Here in Japan” shows their flair for worldly music. The song is very American but carries a hint of Japanese music in its undertones. Slower, it serves as a break from the fast-paced EP allowing you a bit of a break. But nonetheless, it shows the diversity The White White Lights are capable of.
The rest of the EP packs quite a punch. Perhaps its not the knockout one of their live shows are, but its definitely the jab that sets up the right hook. A special edition of Medium Head Boy was released February 27th, 2010. A full-length vinyl and CD should be coming some time this April. Until then, enjoy the early styling of The White White Lights.
Rating: 8.9/10
MP3: The White White Lights “Space Invaders”
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