The idea is not a new one: cutesy female vocals juxtaposed with noisy rock music. Bands like Deerhoof, Fol Chen, and Sleigh Bells have all tried this concept to a good amount of success. The latest band to try out this formula is Brooklyn’s TKTTSM.

On their self-titled debut album, the band attempts to distinguish themselves from the other purveyors of the formula. The album’s lead single “Plastic Fantastic” sees the band engage in similar volume levels as Sleigh Bells on the song’s chorus. The band proves to be dynamic by not staying at a constantly clipping level but instead engaging in a passive/aggressive style.

On the album’s opening track, “Calisthenics” the band engages in Fol Chen-esque experimentalism. The track utilizes traditional rock instruments like guitar (both acoustic and electric), bass, and drum but also features embellishments like xylophone and a referee’s whistle. Loudness and dissonance are present but not overused, just enough to make the track not seem like traditional pop/rock.

Though there are a few cases on the album where the experimentalism dies down and it does start to feel like traditional pop/rock. “Dear Diary” sounds remarkably like 90s hit alt-rockers, Veruca Salt. While that is not necessarily a bad thing (I love “Seether” as much as the next guy), it does feel a little antiquated.

Luckily, TKTTSM avoids sounding like a 90s chick band for most on the album. For a debut album, TKTTSM shows a well-formed, dynamic young band. Although the concept might not be 100% original, it is not your average pop/rock sound. Mark down this duo as a band to watch in the future.
Rating: 7.7/10
MP3: TKTTSM “Calisthenics”
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