Treefight For Sunlight: A Collection of Vibrations For Your Skull

After listening to and digesting the recent Beach Boys‘ reissue of Smile, I decided to dive into my new review subject, Treefight For Sunlight‘s A Collection of Vibrations For Your Skull. I was shocked to find how many similarities the Beach Boys lost classic and the debut album from the Danish quartet have in common.
A neo-psychedelic movement has been going on for years. Spearheaded in the 90s by bands like The Olivia Tremor Control and Super Furry Animals, the movement continued last decade with Tame Impala and Of Montreal bearing the torch. While Treefight for Sunlight does share some similarities to these groups, their sound goes beyond paying homage to psychedelic bands of the 60; their music supposes that the last 40 years of music did not occur.
The album’s lead single, “Facing the Sun” starts off with a Byrds-like guitar arpeggio being doubled with glockenspiel. The track quickly explodes with a driving drum beat and a piano to fill out the arrangement. The real story of the song is their falsetto vocals and tight harmonies which give the track that classic California pop feel.
Most of the album continues the California pop pathos.
Rating: 7.3/10
MP3: Treefight for Sunlight “Facing the Sun”
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