#TuesdayTop10: Halloween Costumes

With Halloween just a week away, we look at the top 10 music related costumes for Halloween.

lana del rey10. Lana Del Rey
For the lazy waif girls out there, leave your sexy hamburger costumes at the door and instead go as Lana Del Rey. Since she is plastered everywhere as H&M’s new cover girl, it makes her style sense easy enough to grasp. The real key is the makeup. You’re going to need some lip plumper and cat eyeliner. If you have any liquid eyeliner left over, that can work to recreate her hand tattoo too!
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ti09. T.I.
T.I. is out of jail and ready to be mimicked for Halloween. His look is super easy: close shaved head, white tee, and rubber bands around your wrist. The costume can get a little more pricy if you want to mimic T.I.’s pension for wearing name-brand shades and Air Force kicks.
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taylor swift08. Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift is so hot right now and her look is easy to recreate. All you really need is a halter-styled dress and cowboy boots. Throw some wood bead bracelets on and you’re all set.
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billie joe armstrong, green day07. Billie Joe Armstrong
If you want a reason to swear and smash a guitar, dressing up like Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong may be for you. The most basic way to mimic Armstrong’s look is to wear a tee shirt (try stripes) under a leather jacket. To complete the look you’ll need eyeliner and his signature messy hair.
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adele06. Adele
Adele‘s a chart-topper and you don’t have to be a stick figure to look like her. To look like Adele all you really need to her signature bun and cat eyeliner. Throw on a little black dress and some pearl earrings and you’re all set.
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kiss05. Kiss
The master marketers that Kiss are, you know that they are going to sell costumes. Their website allows you to order costumes so you too can look like Catman or Starchild. But note that these costumes are not cheap, with prices ranging between 100 and 400 dollars.

rihanna, costume04. Rihanna
If you wanted to dress slutty and all these prim and proper music stars are making you sad, try dressing like Rihanna for Halloween. All you need is a black bra, body straps, and a black skirt. As with all stars, underwear is completely optional. Knee high leather boots finish up the outfit.
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insane clown posse03. Insane Clown Posse
Whether doing it ironically or for serious, dressing up like Insane Clown Posse is always popular for Halloween. Check out this reasonable wikihow for step by step direction to a costume or just find yourself a Juggalette to help you.

nicki minaj02. Nicki Minaj
Dressing as Nicki Minaj has the potential to break the bank. But since Minaj has so many different look, there are only a couple of items that are must haves for a costume. First is a crazy colored wig; pink is best but blonde, blue, yellow, and cotton candy all work. Second is a push-up bra; no matter what Nicki looks like, the twins are always featured. After that the rest of the outfit is a wild card as long as its bright and bombastic, you’re good.
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psy01. Psy
It is hard to believe it but there are entire websites dedicate to dressing like Psy (see psycostumes.com/). It makes sense though. What guy wouldn’t want to dress in a lime green tux with wing tip shoes? Bonus points if you can get your lady to dress up as one of the girls from the “Gangnam Style” video.
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