Premiere: usLights: wæs

Massachusetts band, usLights are preparing to release their debut album, wæs on June 23rd. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to offer an exclusive first listen to the album.

The band was started by Gregg Kusumah-Atmadja and Shawn Pelkey as an instrumental side project of Boston-based Herra Terra with Matt Nastri. The band later incorporated vocals. While Herra Terra’s music often leaned towards synth-pop and dance-punk, usLights’ sound starts at M83-style dream pop. “Dressed in Gold” features a wall-of-sound approach. Synth pads drone over the live drums with heavily reverbed vocals over the top to create a ethereal feeling. “New Feeling” takes a different approach with guitar as the lead instrument and synths used to augment the vocals.

Whether the synths or the guitars are the leading instrument, usLights write beautiful songs filled with emotion. Enjoy the album.

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  • uslights fan says:

    Album is awesome! Band information is incorrect, however. Matt Nastri is a key member of uslights and should also be mentioned. Please fix!

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