Vaus: The Floating Celebration

vausVaus: The Floating Celebration
Sounding a bit like The Velvet Underground, and having a singer that reminds me of Leonard Cohen, Vaus’ album The Floating Celebration is anything but.
The soft rock does little to incite the senses. The whole album plays like a jam band keeping things mellow. There really aren’t any poppy tracks, or fast ones for that matter.
The instruments are always quiet and pushed to the background revealing the vocal stylings of one Lyn Vaus. Unfortunately, he has a bit of the Leonard Cohen quality. You know, it doesn’t sound so much as singing as just talking with a voice going up and down here and there. And that’s just it, the spotlight shines on Vaus’ singing which becomes difficult to listen to.
And all the songs sound virtually the same. I’m not saying ten tracks means ten different song stylings. But I get the sense that Vaus playing live doesn’t come with a lot of energy. And that’s just it. With an album name like The Floating Celebration, you’d like to hear more celebrating and less floating.
My comparison of Vaus to The Velvet Underground is not a criticism of the Underground. There are some similarities when you listen to the album. Its just that The Underground did it well, mixing things up and giving you an enjoyable listen. I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade, I just really struggle to find anything positive to say here. Its as puzzling as trying to figure out what a topless woman is doing on the cover. This isn’t stripper music. Its certainly not music to make love to. Have a listen to “Slipping Crown”. Its about as good as this album gets.
Rating: 1.6/10
MP3: Vaus “Slipping Crown”
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