Video Rewind 01.09.2015

Baby Alpaca “Roller Coaster”

Baby Alpaca kick off 2015’s Video Rewind with their video for “Roller Coaster”. In a way, this video is a roller coaster. It tells the story of a motorist stranded on the side of the road. He takes a ride from an old lady who seems nice. She takes him back to her house where he phones for help. He takes a room to just rest for the night, but the roller coaster is about to begin. The house is filled with several people, including women that our motorist finds attractive. He is invited to go off into the woods, where the first of his orgy experiences occurs. This is just to hook him into staying, and it works. Come on guys, and even some of you gals, living with a cult that is into orgies might be enough for you to forget that the rest of the world exists, but always beware. He decides to stay permanently once his car is fixed, but it doesn’t last long. He’s not being offered full membership. Nope, he’s the next sacrifice. Remember kids, if it seems too good to be true it probably is.

Sia “Elastic Heart”

Sia brings back Maddie Ziegler for her video for “Elastic Heart”. Ziegler is dressed much the same as before, only this time she’s joined by Shia LaBeouf in a large cage. The way this plays out to me is like a relationship around domestic abuse. For most of the video the two look more like animals making hostile gestures at one another, even lunging and attacking one another through dance. At one point, Maddie slips through the bars but Shia can’t so he tries to grab her and pull her back in. He backs off and lowers himself to the ground. Maddie slips back in, climbs atop his back, and all is peaceful as the two even get a little silly. But when Maddie goes to leave, she finds she can’t bring Shia with her. Shia is distraught eventually dying as he is pressed against the bars. Maddie finds herself trying to pull him out, but unable. It’s a bit discerning of a video given that they stuck young Maddie in a cage with Shia, but the emotion of the song is there.

Red Empire “Deliver Me”

For their video “Deliver Me”, Red Empire take us ballroom dancing, in a way. We get to see a man and woman walk from one room of a fancy home to another and star dancing. I like the wardrobe. I like the setting. I like the way that the paintings show the dancers dancing then fill up with their original paintings. I like the Fight Club style popping up and disappearing in a moment of people in front of the windows. Even when they finish dancing, the two don’t don happy faces as you would at a competition. This comes off looking as though they’re in some sort of unhappy union. It is haunting in a way as it’s definitely no Beauty and the Beast.

Marksman Lloyd “Rewrite the Ending”

Marksman Lloyd’s video for “Rewrite the Ending” features some interesting techniques. The video begins with a woman who kind of looks like what a modern day ninja would look were they into some underground music. Anyway, she’s sitting in an alley trying to catch her breath when she starts to cover one eye, then the other, and back. She keeps doing this self eye exam here and the camera shows the shift in perception. This keeps happening throughout the video. The rest of the video features shots of Marksman himself as well as tells the story of this women trying to outrun a horde. She’s trying to put up Marksman Lloyd posters, and her parkour assailants are trying to rip them down. This is all a rouse, though, as she gets what she wants in the end. Remember the alley where she begins her journey? All she wants is to plaster the graffiti with posters.

Beau LePaige “Summer Song”

It’s been about eight and a half years since John Hughes passed away. Anyone who lived through the 80’s knows that Hughes’s movies were one of the highlights of that decade. Those of you born after the 80’s but have had the privilege of watching his films know how great they were. Beau LePaige pays homage to the writer and director in his video for “Summer Song”. He jams all the great movies together, and if you’re a Hughes film buff you’ll be able to see all the scenes recreated. Here’s a starter, the’re having a house party like in Weird Science, but Beau is dressed like Ferris Bueller in that iconic scene where Ferris sings atop a float in the parade. The white t-shirt and leopard print vest should be dead give aways.

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