Video Rewind 01.18.2013

Santigold “Girls”

Oh, Santigold. How I love you! I really do hope one day I can get a shout out. Santigold is one of my favorite rappers. I firmly announce that she can hang with the boys. For her new video “Girls”, Santigold hangs out with the girls. The cameras shoot all sorts of women from the young to the old lip-singing and rocking out to the track. It is impressive how even the older women can keep up with the swift one-two pace of Santigold’s lyrics. My one complaint is that about the seventh cut to the coffee barista. I would have liked to have seen more of her.
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Monarchy featuring Dita Von Teese “Disintegration”

I had no idea that Dita Von Teese was a musical performer. I also had no idea that her mind is filled with human Ken dolls lying in the nude. This video shows Dita as a creepy, yet sexy, housewife. She’s not happy. Her life is disintegrating. The video plays out sort of like a David Lynch movie. I think the most staggering scene has to be when a mosquito bites Dita. It’s sexual in nature. Watch it a few times and you’ll see what I mean. Men aren’t depicting very well in this video. After the mosquito has an inappropriate relation by simply doing what mosquitos do, we find our hero getting squished by the evil, controlling husband. Or at least that’s how I interpreted it. No, Dita doesn’t get naked. We’re a music blog, not your cousin’s porn site.
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Neil Nathan, Inc. “Jumpstart”

In Neil Nathan, Inc‘s video for “Jumpstart,” we have an interesting video here. It’s a claymation President Obama riding his Hope dragster versus another claymation President Obama riding his Change dragster. That’s right, it’s a drag race to the finish line. However, we find a series of extra characters who are out to ruin this race. Pay close attention. I see some foreign person using this video against the United States by trying to prove that this is indeed how Americans view global politics. I assure you, it is not. Just enjoy it for the quirky cartoon that it is.
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Dinosaur Jr. “Pierce The Morning Rain”

In Dinosaur Jr‘s “Pierce The Morning Rain,” we meet a middle-aged white man with a wife and two kids. He has a passion for loud music. He wants one of those bumping car audio systems. So, he goes out and gets some. What he builds is an army of speakers by which he sits and goes evermore deaf with each thumping beat. That’s right, his cell phone jumps atop his car. We’re talking some serious levels of dBs here. What is it like, you ask? It’s like getting punched in the face by Henry Rollins. I am not lying. Go Bills!!!!!
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Ty Segall “Thank God for Sinners”

We basically have an orgy in Ty Segall‘s new video for “Thank God for Sinners”. A group of naked bodies all lying one atop the other, but there is definitely no sex going on. It’s interesting to see the hands work in unison as though they’re dancing. And the gyrating of one body beneath another really shows the beauty of the human being. It’s really an innocent piece until you get to the very end. Warning, this is not a clip for the squeamish. All in all it’s like a naked game of Twister. Maybe that’s how I’ll be spending my weekend.

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