Video Rewind 01.25.2013

Nite Jewel “Memory, Man”

The video for Nite Jewel‘s “Memory, Man” is a little quirky. I don’t think there’s an actual story to be told here. The song is about memories and how you just remember them. In that way I think it makes sense. Some of the visuals are interesting. You get a woman who is sitting in a chair yet standing on her head. That invokes the memory of the time you saw that in Nite Jewel’s video. It may, nor may not. The point is that you get some good visuals of what can be possibly a dream. And what more or dreams but events that didn’t happen but we remember?
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A.Dd+ “Can’t You See”

I kind of feel as though this is how A.Dd+ hang out. It’s just two guys who drive out to the middle of nowhere. They park their car and just sit around rapping. If you never seen the movie Bright Star, I’m not saying you should, but there is a part of interest. The movie is about poet John Keats. There is a scene in the movie where Keats and fellow poet Charles Armitage Brown are standing out in a field. They appear to be just standing, perhaps saying a word or two at short intervals. Brown insists that though it looks as the two are doing nothing, they are in fact musing. Therefore, they are not to be disturbed. There is some truth to isolating oneself to dig deep from the creative well. I feel this video demonstrates that.
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Darkstar “Amplified Ease”

This week I learned something new. If you take a picture with your phone of a child smushing their face up against a window, you can set that as your background pic and it looks as though said child is trapped in your phone. The centerpiece to Darkstar’s video for “Amplified Ease” is band frontman James Buttery singing while smushing his face against glass and moving his head back and forth. It looks silly, but delightful all at once. It gets a little weird towards the end where it appears as though people have drowned.

Foals “My Number”

In their new video for “My Number”, we see Foals performing in a club. One unlucky young man cannot get in. Probably, this is better for him. We see in the bathroom all kinds of inappropriate behavior. People are definitely getting high. We get to see Foals performing as though you’re high in the crowd. The young man is unhappy, but stays outside bopping with a sour look on his face to the music. He needs to be more like the three girls that aren’t inside the club either. They’re kicking it outside on the curb to Foals. Well, he doesn’t join them, but he sure does take pleasure in watching them dance. This is how a video demonstrating a band performing should look like. People are inside getting messed up. People are outside upset because they couldn’t get in. Then there are people who are just having a good time.

Viceroy featuring Chela “Dream of Bombay”

We all dream of Bombay, because it doesn’t exist anymore. That’s at least how some Indians I’ve met over the years have felt anyways. Bombay is now Mumbai. It’s their city, we should call it what they want. The outfit with the cape and the hat and the pants reminds me of something out of the 90’s. What we have, I believe, is a mother and daughter who are both sad. While the song is about dreaming of Bombay, it’s actually about dreaming of a better place. For the daughter it’s the beach with the sun and wind. For the mother it’s the woods somewhere. Nature, where we free ourselves. I’ve heard that dreaming leads to hope, and that hope is cruel. Hope is freeing not cruel. What is cruel is giving someone hope, then taking it away. That is even worse when the action is continuously repeated. So, dream of Bombay, or wherever you’d like to be free. Happy Weekend.
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