Video Rewind: 01.20.2012

I’m back with another Video Rewind. This week was a rough one for me, but luckily the vids aren’t all too serious.  Sit back, and enjoy the highlights of the last week.

Me “Naked”

From Melbourne, Australia we get ME. The band is looking to release their debut single “Naked” on March 5th this year. We get a taste of it from their video. Musically, they remind me of Muse with the movements of their song. Video-wise, we get the band in black and white all dressed up. Some gritty effects add some character, but we can’t look past the politically infused clips that are cut in. There is a message there somewhere between the lyrics, and shots of people being pushed back with fire hoses.
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Joe Cool “I Wanna Sell Drugs”

Another black and white video. The song is about Joe Cool, who wants nothing more than to make money. But it’s hard to do that, so he’s thinking about selling drugs. There’s a metaphor there with the gun that is pointed at Joe’s head throughout the video. “I’m not a junky or a thug/I wanna do what I love/ makes me wanna sell drugs”. The realism of having a dream and struggling to achieve it, so you find yourself making bad decisions. Striking is the way that Joe writes on a pad, rips up the page, and rolls it into a joint.
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Santigold “Big Mouth”

Honestly, I pretty much love everything Santigold does. After her killer flow on Major Lazer‘s “Hold the Line” I’ve been impressed by what she brings. On her track “Big Mouth”
she takes a stance against trash-talkers. The music is simple with a carnival beat. And though the video looks hokey, it’s worth the time. The ridiculousness of the animation and the fun loving feel of the video should work to lessen the meaning of the song. But honestly, when you’re as badass as Santigold I wouldn’t be surprised to know that this is the shit that goes on in her head when she’s about to hit the “on” button.
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Jessie Baylin “Hurry Hurry”

It’s become rather cliche the way that movie stars want to be directors. But fortunately for us, there are music videos that need to be directed. This video for Jessie Baylin‘s “Hurry Hurry” was directed by Scarlett Johansson. The video has offset colors and was done in one take on The Manhatten Bridge. The video features Jessie herself strolling around “me”, as the perspective, on the bridge with a glow emanating from her from time to time. Perhaps it’s meant be a blur because Jessie, or “I”, are hurrying so fast. The old, if you moved fast enough time would seem to stand still theory. Only, time’s not so much standing as slowing. Still, gotta love someone who wants to try new things. And there certainly isn’t anything terrible about this video. Think of it as a film school project with a bigger budget. Or at least a famous director.
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K’naan featuring Nas “Nothing to Lose”

If I had a “boy”, K’naan would be that boy. And I gotta admit, hearing that he’s got Nas on a track makes my eye
twinkle with some pride. The video for “Nothing to Lose” doesn’t have much to it. Some street views overlayed with the lyrics rolling in different ways, there’s not all that much to appreciate. But at the very least you won’t have to wonder what anyone is saying.

Doomtree “Bangarang”

Speaking of lyrics on the screen, Doomtree bring us a karaoke party with their video for “Bangarang”. This could be any of us, except me because I have a much cleaner look, getting together with our friends to
have a karaoke party. There’s also this local public access tv thing going on with the effects being the members in front of a green screen with some rather National Geographic backdrops. Still, the song is pretty tight. And if you’re not gonna go crazy with a vid, at least let the talent show off their skills.
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