Video Rewind 02.01.2013

On An On “The Hunter”

People either want to remember or forget the 80’s. For some it was the best of times. For others the worst of times. Long hair, ripped jeans, leather jackets, and switch-blades. Life was not this cool for most of us. Lucky for us that this was not what most people did in the 80’s. Rockers wouldn’t just walk through your town wrecking shit and blowing up buildings. They could just get obnoxious. They could also party. I was too young for parties back then. Now I’m just too old. Go be “The Hunter.”
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Tame Impala “Mind Mischief”

Ah, to be young and in love with your teacher. For a while, I thought this video would literally just follow the teacher’s ass as she walks down the hallway. As you can see, once she gets in the car she is trouble. Kind of like the movie Bad Teacher, this teacher likes to get high in her car. Only this teacher will also break the law by acting inappropriately with her students. Is this a chance encounter, or have these two made a plan of this? A applaud their bravery for behaving like this in the open of a school parking lot. Clearly, this is the type of one to one tutoring the school system needs more of.
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Zak Downtown “Catch Me”

Put your shades on cause they give you swag and if you really want to get the women open up a bottle of wine, get yourself a glass, put both on the coffee table, sit back in your sofa chair and scream at the whole setup. I do have to give credit to Zak Downtown. This video doesn’t lack females, but Zak is so focused on his rapping that he doesn’t worry about mingling with them. It’s sort of like he’s just letting his rapping do the work for him. He doesn’t need to portray his sex appeal on camera. The video is good, but I have to say the song is better.
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How to destroy angels_ “How Long”

The future apparently sees us going back to hunting and gathering. Not only do we mark our bodies with paint, but our eyes now glow. What we see is one young man who goes out into the world. He comes across another traveler who has far more goodies than him. Our young protagonist decides to kill the “wealthier” traveler and take his stuff. He brings the goods home to what I assume is his mother, who is not doing well. It’s clearly an analogy of our world today. The have-nots try to take from the haves and try to justify it by saying they need it for their family. This in turn keeps the haves from doing their damnedest to keep and collect more for themselves. Trent Reznor must really be a swell guy to hang out with.
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Loveskills “Cover Me”

Do you like funky light effects from the 70’s and 80’s? How about dancing leotards? If so, then Loveskills’ video for “Cover Me” is just what the doctor ordered. I cannot say that I play chess well. I’m terrible at it. I am thinking that a solution to that might just be sitting around in hooded cloaks. Ok, to be really honest, I’m not sure these dancers are professional at all. Some of their moves just seem very middle school dance-ish. What I do have to say is that the lighting effect that reminds me of the old roller rinks is the best. Even at my age I’d love to hang out in a room with all that fancy lighting. I guess I just really like colors.
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