Video Rewind 02.03.2012

One month into 2012, and all I’ve learned is that a groundhog saw his shadows. Looks like 6 more weeks of winter. Oh, well. In an effort to try to cheer those of us up who are suffering from SAD, let’s jump into this weeks Video Rewind.

Jeff the Brotherhood “Bummer”

Reminiscent of old home videos, Jeff the Brotherhood shot their video for “Bummer” while in Hawaii. All I can say is, they sure look like they had some great fun. Drinking coconut water, surfing, fishing, skateboarding. The song is the perfect soundtrack to the video. It seems more like two friends on a lacksadaisical adventure than anything else. The song is laidback, too. The only bummer here is that their trip must have come to an end.

Dare Dukes Band “Meet You at the Bus”

Puppy love. That’s what we got going on here. Sitting next to that pretty girl. Holding her hand. Teasing one another. A funtastic bicycle ride. “Two lovely creatures pressed against the plexiglass”. If we ever get to meet one, just one, person who can share a day like this with us, we should all consider ourselves lucky.
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Nada Surf “When I Was Young”

I heard this song from Nada Surf a while back. I really do like it. The video shows more of a youthful puppy love budding romance. All lost by being stuck on a subway train that takes you away from the girl. This young man makes the most of it, by running the sidewalks of the city with a big ole’ grin on his face. This is the kind of self discovery I’m thristing for right now. It’s a touching song with an interesting visual aid here in the adventures of a misfit prep school adolescent.
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iAm1 “Watching”

This is an interesting video. The animation here is brilliant covering different styles. The song is good too. iAm1‘s vocals give a personal, intimate feel tot he track. And the animation of a dancing man drawn in outline gives the sense of a hollow feeling to the track. Not in terms of lacking anything inside, but more about how sometimes we can just feel empty. But, for every down there must be an up. Like when the rocket takes off. You’ll see.
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Unicycle Loves You “Piranha”

I don’t know what it feels like to have a piranha, or entire school of piranha attack you. But this video for “Piranha” by Unicycle Loves You might just be the visual equivalent. A lot of filmschool style, let’s just point a camera and see what happens antics going on here. But then again, I don’t think the song itself is really about anything. No message here, just jamming away. Hope you all had a good week. Good luck on your weekends.

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