Video Rewind 02.13.2015

Matt and Kim “Hey Now”

Matt and Kim’s “Hey Now” is a song about a couple that can get through anything together. Yet, for most of the video Matt is sitting on a chair while Kim is doing most of the work in the form of some pretty sweet dancing. Her endurance here shows she’s in some pretty good shape. Eventually Matt gets up letting Kim sit for a while, but then they engage in an activity that makes sense for the song. The two begin to dance together, the one helping the other when need be. With Valentine’s Day this weekend I hope those of you in relationships have strong, goofy, fun, yet supportive relationships like the one Matt and Kim seem to have.

Joey Bada$$ featuring BJ the Chicago Kid “Like Me”

You should treat the one you love kindly, or you’ll find that someone else will. That’s one of the themes in the latest Joey Bada$$ video for “Like Me”. The song features vocals by BJ the Chicago Kid. Joey wakes up and looks out his window where he sees a neighbor woman who is being grilled by her boyfriend. As the boyfriend walks off, the woman sits on some steps to think. Enter Joey who is kind to her, and treats her the way a woman should be. The ex boyfriend goes off to hang out with his law breaking friends. When he finally comes around and sees Joey with his girl, he pulls out a gun. A scuffle ensues that sees the girl shot. The police show up and shoot the ex boyfriend. Joey runs. He comes back later to look at the scene, and a police officer recognizes him. Joey runs again. This time, he too, is gunned down by police. Joey rises from the dead in a way. He brings with him other people who have been killed. It’s hard to explain, easier to when you watch the video. In the end, Joey wakes up and goes to his window. There is the neighbor woman and her boyfriend. He’s treating her appropriately, just like Joey Bada$$ would.

Calvin Harris featuring Haim “Pray to God”

Calvin Harris and Haim have come together to create the song “Pray to God”. The video seems influenced by the popularity of fantasy in culture at the moment. The Haim sisters all look to me to be witches. There’s even a scene in the video that has become a staple of most Haim videos. The three sisters are all standing together in as much of a circle as three people can. It has a covet feel to it. There are also wolves and bears, as the three sisters take to the woods and live to tell about it. Strangely, there
is a lion in these woods, but we’re talking fantasy here. Visually I’m not sure what this video has to do with praying to God. It’s interesting to see Haim whisked away to a fantasy land.

Jungle “Julia”

Jungle’s latest video for “Julia” centers around a group of dancers. At first it’s just one man dressed only in long white pants as though he is some capoeira expert. Then another dancer comes out looking like he’s ready for a fight. They do perform some combat type moves, but they never connect. Gradually, more dancers come out one at a time until there’s a whole back up crew. Though the moves continue to mimic fight moves, there’s a gracefulness to them and a genuine showing of what having excellent control of your body is like. Jungle should be known for making some great music to dance to. Their continued use of dancers in their videos is a testament to their love of art. They don’t want you to just listen to their music, they want you to get up and feel something.

Nicky Romero & Vicetone featuring When We Are Wild “Let Me Feel”

Nicky Romero and Vicetone have come together for the song “Let Me Feel” which also features When We Are Wild. The video centers around a single dad and his daughter. They have a close relationship, but she’s sick. He can’t afford the hospital bills on his pay from delivering food for a restaurant. As a result, he takes up underground fighting for cash. The money isn’t enough, so he decides one night to take a second fight. They throw the biggest guy they have at him. As this fight takes place, his daughter passes away. He gets beat so bad that it kills him, but he sees himself under water. He makes it to the surface and finds himself on a beach that he used to spend time with his daughter. Here, he finds his daughter, and stands in the water looking out at the horizon. It may not be perfect, but he can finally be with her happy, and healthy.

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