Video Rewind 02.15.2013

Blondfire “Where The Kids Are”

Blondfire’s new music video is for their single “Where The Kids Are” off their EP of the same title. It begins with a boy in a cape. As children, we all dwell with at least one foot in the land of make believe. This young boy runs through a wall and into the wild snowy plains. He marches past wolves to find a Native American girl waiting for a kiss. It’s everything a little boy dreams of. Our Native American girl is also a dreamer, imaging herself as thus. She cuts through her tent and we find that she is now older, entering a car filled with boys. From there it’s more of the make believe taking hold. The song is about living it up and mentions where the kids are running free tonight. They never tell you where that is. I’m venturing to say that living it up means letting the inner kid in you out for the night. My evidence is that the older lad is also on an adventure to kiss a girl. Back to the child’s imagination. Our original hero is back freeing himself from a pot of spaghetti. Only a kid would think of this. Thanks Blondfire for reminding us not to lose our inner child.
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Josephine ”Portrait”

Josephine’s new single ”Portrait” appears off her album by the same name. A portrait tends to be a visual representation of who we are and what we look like. The video shows the portrait shoot in reverse and what we find is the opposite. Our model starts off at the end with the photograph taken of her lounging in a gold dress in a library. She gets up and we find the backwards footage showing how her shoes come off, and the dress she was in was stitched up on her to allow for maximum hugging of her contour. From there the makeup comes off, she arrives for the shoot, we even see her on the subway. She is no aristocrat as the portrait may indicate. Instead, she’s probably a very good person who is wealthy with the qualities of someone you’d like to be friends with. She is musically talented, but doesn’t bring her guitar to the shoot. The person you are has nothing to do with how you look. Yet, every day we dress ourselves as we want to be perceived. It is as though every day we become a portrait without knowing if we are the portrait of the person we’re supposed to be.
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P.O.S. featuring HOUSEMEISTER ‘’Weird Friends (We Don’t Even Live Here)”

P.O.S.’ new single for “Weird Friends (We Don’t Even Live Here)” is off his new album We Don’t Even Live Here. We all have weird friends. Some of us are other people’s weird friends. I don’t think most of us have the kind of weird friends you seen in the video. Crazy outfits. Crazy dance moves. Contortionists. People with flame throwers. I can honestly say I don’t know anyone who has a flame thrower. Still, you don’t need to be so out there to be considered weird. What you need is to find people who accept you in all your weirdness. Just be yourself. Your kind is out there.
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Amanda Palmer “The Bed Song”

The new single for Amanda Palmer is “The Bed Song” off of their new album Theater is Evil. The video does a great job of correlating to the theme of the piece. You see a happy couple at a party more than comfortable to share a stinky, old sleeping bed. They’re playful. They’re flirting. They’re having a great time. Next we evolve the relationship to them living together. Only now they share a bed but sleep on different sides away from each other without even sharing a blanket. As they grow older, advancing their living situation to owning a condo things become even worse. The honeymoon period is long over and their material success is nothing of a replacement for their depleting relationship. It is true, that if you were to pay attention to what goes on in a bed you can tell how a relationship is doing. It’s the place of safety and respite where two people should lie next to each other comfortably, perhaps even holding each other. The size of the bed gets ridiculously large. They may as well be in different rooms. Sleeping alone is about the worst sleep you can get sometimes. It’s even worse when you’re sleeping alone right next to someone just a breath away.
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Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko “Stay”

Rihanna and Mikky Ekko’s performance of “Stay” at the Grammy’s was one of the highlights for me. Off Rihanna’s new album Unapologetic, the track continues Rihanna’s record of emotionally charged songs about strenuous relationships. We begin with Rihanna drawing and getting into a bath. The bathroom has always been a place of emotions for me. You find solitude and quiet there. You clean yourself wishing you wash more than just dirt and grime off. You’re naked, how much more transparent and vulnerable can you feel. And if the need is there, you can hide your tears in with the water. “Stay” is a song about wanting someone to just stay in your life even though you know they shouldn’t. Everything just goes round and round, and you can seem to find any stability but the desire for the other person to stay. Enter Mikky who sits beside an empty bath. No water, no Rihanna. He’s sitting in a way that you’d expect one to be sitting if he is talking to the person in the tub. Yet, he’s in a different bathroom. It’s two grownups who complicate things and just can’t come together. They should be sharing the bath together. Instead, Rihanna looks cold in what should be a warm bath, and Mikky is sitting next to a fireplace that isn’t lit. Neither of the two understands what’s going on. It’s written all upon their faces, and so rather than stay they stay away.
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