Video Rewind 02.21.2014

Little Dragon “Klapp Klapp”

Little Dragon will release Nabuma Rubberband on May 13th. Their latest single “Klapp Klapp” comes with a voodoo themed video. We open with a woman walking in a field where many fires have been set. She spots a church just yonder, and makes her way there. She seems to have some sort of fit at the altar. We then cut to her in a cemetery preparing to dig up a grave. Once she reaches the casket, she slices her hand open to pour some blood on the dirt. The visuals here tell an exciting story even if we don’t get the real story going on. All I can say is this clapping thing seems to work. Someone breaks out of that casket at the end, and resurrection is not possible according to science.

The Knocks featuring X Ambassadors “Comfortable”

The Knocks have a new EP out called Comfortable. The title track features X Ambassadors and received a video that released this week. It begins with The Knocks prepping to play on the floor, while up on the stage sitting on a fancy vintage couch are some models in less than modest attire. They quickly get up off the stage and make their way over to The Knocks. Here’s where the video starts to resemble a humiliation genre porn. Though no sex is performed, these women dominate the duo. They just do whatever they feel like, finishing with tying to the two up and performing with the instruments. There’s some smoke blown in faces. There are bananas shoved in mouths. There’s even some good old slapping. It’s anything but comfortable.

Cody ChestnuTT “Love is More Than a Wedding Day”

Cody ChestnuTT released Landing on a Hundred last October. This week he released a video for his single “Love Is More Than a Wedding Day”. The video features around a couple who just decide to go ahead and get married today. No bridal gowns, or cake tastings. There is no fancy hall, just a backyard decked up with tables, chairs, and stringed lights. The bride to be takes off on her day turning ordinary things into special wedding items, like her bouquet. It’s a real take on how love makes you feel. It takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary.

Big Data featuring Joywave “Dangerous”

Big Data have a new single “Dangerous” out featuring Joywave. Their concept for a music video for it is brilliant. You see, Big Data have a new shoe out. It’s the kind of shoe that makes you dangerous. In testing of the product, it caused one prison inmate to head butt another. So, it’s obviously time to take the product to the masses. What’s left? You need some advertising. So the band take off to an ad agency and pitch their idea for a commercial. You put a woman in the Big Data sneakers and send her running. Only, running isn’t enough. Hell no. She is so pumped she grabs a stranger on the sidewalk and caves his skull in with her forehead. She doesn’t stop there. And soon enough there are two women. Thankfully for us the video has a closed captioning feature which lets us all know that the woman running is breathing sexually. Furthermore, there’s a push to show breasts bouncing up and down. And more head butting. And finally blood covered women making out. Every commercial should be so brilliant.

Kate Nash “Sister”

Kate Nash’s latest album released last year is Girl Talk. Her latest single from the album is “Sister”. Unless she’s into incest, and I don’t believe she is, this song is not about her sister. The video features Kate getting close with another woman. They share a moment on the beach, alone together. They climb up onto a roof where there is a fire burning and chairs around. Once again, they find themselves alone. Then things take a turn for the worst. They’re out on the street yelling and fussing. The lyrics indicate that they could be friends but that wouldn’t sit well with Kate since she can never have the other her again. Cut into the story are scenes of Kate performing with her band. It’s a somber song and the video gives a brief depiction of a strong relationship coming to an end because the love just wasn’t there as it was supposed to be.

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