Video Rewind 02.22.2013

Passion Pit “Carried Away”

“Carried Away” is off of Passion Pit’s new album Gossamer. The video for it deals with relationships. I’d say the two people in this video, the female being portrayed by Sophia Bush, are in many ways the perfect couple. They’re goofy together. They like to play jokes and one up each other. Most importantly they fight, but always apologize. The video has some keen effects in it that I wish would work in real life. My favorite has to be when Sophia is talking to another gentleman at a party, so Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos does a neat trick. Putting his cup before his eye he makes it appear as though this other guy is now inside his cup. He goes outside and tosses his cup only for the other man to come tumbling out and joining a pile of drunken individuals. The heart of the video has to be when the words appear. You can say something and apologize but you can never take back the fact that you said it. The room fills with all the words that the couple have said to each other over the course of their relationship. It becomes overwhelming to the point of leaving them lying on the floor. They find comfort in holding hands. You see, you’re going to make mistakes in a relationship. You cannot clear a debt, but you can make up for it. A healthy relationship can always find a way back, but it takes two to fight together.
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Sadistik featuring Cage and Yes Alexander “Russian Roulette”

Sadistik’s new album is called Flowers for My Father, and features his new single “Russian Roulette”. The video depicts a harsh revenge tale. The played version of Lifetime Movies where the man is always an evil, hot mess doesn’t hold water in our modern days. Women have become unstable creatures of suffering as well. We find a woman who is quite numb. We see her bathing in a bathtub, which as I covered last week is often a place of safety. She washes herself but cannot really clean what is dirty and faded. That would be her heart, her soul, her very being. As she leaves the bath and goes on her way we see that she has killed a woman. On to the next victim with that blank expression of indifference on her face. We see a young man who is on his way home and decides to call his girlfriend. No answer. He gets home, sits down, and begins to watch tv. Our murderous ex comes out and puts a gun to his head. Just like that, as simple as burning a photograph, two people and what they had are gone. A third is left with more pain and anger to deal with. Breakups can be hard, but if people need help they should seek it. Often times, if not always, when you can’t let go of something it’s because of how strong you had to be to hold onto it. There is never anything wrong with asking someone else for help. We all have baggage. Like all other things, baggage is easier to carry when there’s someone to help.

Latyrx “Gorgeous Spirits”

“Gorgeous Spirits” is off of Latyrx’s DISCONNECTION EP. The video centers around a Matrix-like cat and mouse chase. It begins at a high stakes private poker match. Our heroes win a convertible and a briefcase with some important artifact in it. The chase is on and we find our heroes able to escape. They open the briefcase and what’s inside by a shiny light? Have we seen this before? Of course, but this time we find out what it really is. It’s a record player. They put a vinyl record on it, lock it up, and hit the club. There, one of the clad men in black are acting as the dj with electronic equipment. Latyrx hook up the record player and boom, the party starts and the villains are defeated. What strikes me is the way that the oldschool turntable takes out the modern day version. That’s how you beat machines, isn’t it? With good old fashioned analog warfare.

Kosha Dillz “Hangin’ Out”

Kosha Dillz is getting ready to release a new EP that as of now has no title. His single “Hangin’ Out” is featured on the EP. The video features everyone from Chewbacca the Wookie to Elvis impersonators. Kosha is literally just hanging out with people on the streets of LA and Hollywood. He’s dancing. He’s jumping around. He’s doing pushups. He’s hangin’ out with his girl in bed with a hammer and an electric drill. I gotta say, Kosha has quite the life. With a name like Kosha Dillz you can’t expect to get anything too serious, at least not all the time. He must be having fun since he is living his dream. The video doesn’t have much of a story to tell, but it is nice to see some shots of people who probably don’t know eachother just coming together to have fun. Thanks for fun Kosha Dillz.
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Iza “The One Who Leaves”

Snoop Lion actually made his way to Poland to co-direct the video for Iza Lach’s “The One Who Leaves”. The video opens with Iza having some creative block. I’ve been there. I enjoy the way that the block is broken just by getting up to do something else. As she sweeps up the paper on the floor something hits her. In reality, we wouldn’t hear what she’s hearing. But then, she is the only one in the video so we are seeing things from her point of view. That’s how inspiration works. It’s a storm. You need the right amount of energy bounding about. You need two opposing forces creating friction against each other. Then, zap. Like a bolt of lightning you’ve got what you were looking for. It’s not always right under your nose.

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