Video Rewind 03.22.2013

Django Django “Wor”

Django Django released their self-titled debut album this past fall. Featured on the album is the song “WOR”. The video opens up at the Maha Kumbh Mela Grounds in Allahabad, India. We meet two men named Mohammad, one Saaved, and a Parveen. These men are all stunt drivers. They handle their motorcycles and cars around a wooden track built like a wall that is a complete circle. The video shows them discussing their work. How their wives worry for them. How women think they are heroes, though they themselves don’t feel that way. How one has to separate heart from mind and be brave. How they don’t fear dying, because it is inevitable. It’s the way they make money. It’s the way they have become conditioned to not worry about the consequences but focus on the task at hand. These men have a strong will. Perhaps it’s not courage that they do possess, but certainly know where to place fear. Every day they go home is one well served. They do bring joy to people as you can see by the smiles on spectators’ faces. That enough is reason for both Mohammads, Saaved, and Parveen to feel happy.
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The Joy Formidable “Little Blimp”

The Joy Formidable released a new album back in January entitled Wolf’s Law. One of the songs off the album is “Little Blimp”. The video for that song was shot during live performances using a Go Pro camera strapped to the neck of Ritzy Bryan’s guitar. For those of you who don’t know, Ritzy is the bands lead singer. It’s funny that even with the editing you can see Ritzy’s performance doesn’t vary. Her hand motions seem to be the same no matter which performance is being shown. Editing also makes it seem like she can play guitar either left or right handed. It’s also interesting to see Ritzy as the focus of the video. Generally live performances include the entire band as well as the audience. Here, you’re basically standing right to the side of Ritzy and watching her do her thing. I do have to say it’s an interesting perspective that does give the viewer a sense of VIP status.

Telekinesis “Ghosts and Creatures”

Telekinesis dropped their new album Dormarion this week. They also released a video for “Ghosts and Creatures” off the album. Let me just say that has nothing on what’s going on here. Imagine being at work and discovering an old computer under a pile of papers. I’m talking from as far back as the 80’s at least. The screen is green. The power button is more like a switch. You boot it up, and a face appears. It tells you that it has been shut down for a long time. I immediately would respond, so have I, and shut that shit down. Still, you’re a lonely geek type, so when the computer tells you to help it escape you do just that. Obviously, the first place you take it is the coffeeshop because who doesn’t like coffee first thing in the morning? Let’s jump forward to your stroll into the park. There you are sitting on a park bench. In case your day hasn’t been weird enough, some thug grabs your new computer girlfriend and puts a knife to the area her throat would be had she an actual body. At this point, I would just be like, go ahead. She’s pretty tough. That’s not how this love story goes down. Our geek goes into full on Greek-hero mode and decks the bad guy. But this story is kind of tragic. Computer girlfriend is dropped and breaks upon the ground. This guy actually sits down to watch tv after this happens. He’s quite cool about the whole thing. That is until the box arrives. He tries out new computer after new computer but none of them are working out for him. They all drive him crazy. So he does the next best thing. Goes to get a book on electronic repair and sets about resurrecting his beloved. In a way this does parallel the ghosts and goblins feel of black magic. Picture the video with a real woman. She gets killed. Protagonist tries to move on but can’t. He gets a book on voodoo or some other cult magic to resurrect his dead love. And the kicker about this video, let’s all agree, there are people out there that do care more about their computers than their mates. Don’t be those people.
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When Saints Go Machine: Infinity Pool

When Saints Go Machine prepare to release their album Infinity Pool on May 28th. We get a one minute clip for the preview of this album feature some animation. The music in the clip is from the opening track “Love and Respect” which features Killer Mike. We see a luxurious mansion with armed men. A large, bald, overly tattooed man is inside somewhere cowering on a sofa. He looks ridiculous and is extremely worried about something. I’m wondering if it’s the armed men outside who are just standing there, bobbing their heads to the beat. Honestly, body guards gotta rock out to stay loose. Don’t want them getting jumpy and shooting you by accident. If there is any indication there should be some interesting videos coming forth from this album. Maybe we’ll even learn what this is all about.

Golden Grrrls “Take Your Time”

Golden Grrrls have a self-title debut album that is out now. Their new video for “Take Your Time” is for a song on that album. We watch the band perform, but edited over that is some effects. We get lights. We get to see a computer generated road that we travel on. We get a lovely chap with red eyes, or perhaps glasses, stumbling towards us. People start running on the computer generated roadway. Bottom line for me is this, in no way does the pace of the song or video say to take your time. It’s not full on frantic, but it is a little anxious. Though, that may be the point. If you’re really looking forward to seeing someone who is already there, you won’t take your time. You’ll instead race to the finish line.

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